Breathable. The insole that breathes.

Open cell polyurethane foam, breathable, with the addition of activated carbon. The comfort and elastic memory of the polyurethane is applied to an open cell structure for the best breathability. Valair is available both heat moulded insole and rolled, and if requested can be supplied adhesive or paired with fabric, cellulose carton and other materials.


Naturally heat mouldable. The breathable insole of vegetable origin.

Made mainly of fibres obtained from the Kenaf plant, this special heat moulded insole is an optimal base for a product with extraordinary breathability and heat adjustment characteristics.


Elastic. The anti-shock insole.

Unbeatable resistance, an extraordinary elastic memory and maximum levels of comfort are the advantages of this foam, which is one of a kind. The great elasticity of Poly+ guarantees a fantastic feeling of comfort from the very beginning. Differently from other insoles with a memory effect, Poly+ does not crush, but remains active for the whole life cycle of the shoe.


Ecology. The 100% natural insole

This 100% natural insole is made of a mix of cork and natural latex. The lightness and flexibility of cork blend perfectly with the characteristics of latex; the final result is an elastic, insulating, shock-absorbing insole which is, best of all, completely natural.


Natural breathability. The insole for air circulation.

Comfort, breathability, naturalness. NaturNet comes from these three requirements, and is one of Valfussbett’s most popular patents. The unbeatable comfort of the polyurethane is distributed over the innovative honeycomb structure, which guarantees optimal breathability without impairing support. A cork layer placed above this structure supplies maximum comfort to the foot, with the safety of a completely natural material.



The first absorbent polyurethane foam. Developed in collaboration with the BASF group, the special DryGo! Foam absorbs humidity inside footwear, and then dries out in record time. Humidity, bacteria and odour become a distant memory!


Enveloping. The insole for a perfect hold

The exclusive vacuum insole by Valfussbett. One of a kind, vacuum technology gives a perfect hold even with traditionally irksome articles, such as wedges and anatomical fussbett. Differently from manual pairing, vacuum pairing does not require rigid insoles; its main characteristic, in fact, is that it holds even very soft insoles flawlessly. The result is a single product that is both aesthetic and comfortable at the same time.