About Us

Valfussbett: the anatomic insole.

na_ant_160921_093843Valfussbett, which contains the German term fussbett meaning “footbed” in its name, has become a synonym over time of quality and innovation in the production of articles for foot comfort. Professionalism, enthusiasm and thirty years of experience have made the company a reference point in the Italian and international footwear sector.

Thanks to our constant commitment to research on new technology and the perfection of materials with innovative technical characteristics, Valfussbett can satisfy all the requirements of footwear producers, according to comfort standards that are always top level.

Removable insoles, fussbett for sandals, plates, heat moulded insoles, inserts, heel cups and wedges: the range of products propose by Valfussbett can satisfy any type of market request.

During these last years, the company’s innovative drive has led to the acquisition of technology for producing other categories of article, ranging from padding for seats, armchairs and saddles to protection for safety clothing, and it has learned to mix the experience acquired in the various sectors at best.





Innovation and research, large scale production and service efficiency are Valfussbett’s missions. In addition to supplying raw insoles, Valfussbett also offers a wide range of services:

  • the design of new articles
  • the development of templates and punches for clicking
  • the search for and supply of materials for pairing (leather, fabric, synthetics)
  • leather clicking, pairing, final clicking with die
  • marking (hot, belt, pad printing, transfer)
  • personalisation (labels, inserts, stitching, etc.)

An ambitious project must be supported by suitable technology: a large and flexible cutting-edge machine bay allows us to satisfy all types of request.